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About Rescue Mission for Street Life

We Are For Children

Rescue Mission for Street Life is a non-profit charitable organization registered in Uganda. We are committed to help street children move from a life of despair to one of hope and meaningfulness so that they can grow to become important citizens in society and effectively contribute to the development of their community and nation. We aim to do this through the rescue of street children from the streets, facilitation of reunification with their family (when possible), provision of safe housing, nutrition, psychological counseling, medical and legal support, and promotion of education and/or vocational training, and their natural talents. Our programs serve children living on the streets in general, but also specifically those who are victims of human trafficking and/or who are living with HIV.

8+ Years of Experience

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Our Vision

To help make Kampala Capital City Authority and the Metropolitan Area free of Street Children by providing support programs to children to enable them get off the streets and on the pathway towards a healthy and productive life that contributes to the wellbeing of themselves and the society.

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Our Mission

Emancipate Street children, from the life of despair to hopeful, meaningful and important citizens in society effectively contributing to the development of our nation through the rescue of victims; provision of transitional shelter, humanitarian, psychological, medical, legal and resettlement support and promotion of their talent and education amongst them.

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Our Objectives

1.To remove street children from streets within and around Kampala City (Kampala Metropolitan area).
2.To provide safe, transition housing accommodation pending resettlement or being able to care for self as an adult.
3.To provide humanitarian, psychological, medical and legal while at the transitional shelter.
4.To resettle the street children with their parents or other alternatives as appropriate and available.
5.To provide support for their vocational and formal education.
6.To promote and develop talents amongst children for their future self-sustainability.

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Our Core Values

2.Equal opportunities
5.Responsibility and Accountability
6.Practical Approach
7.Team work

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