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The big vision of Our Founder has seen us grow into an organization.


Ssempewo Edward :- Founder | Executive Director

In its essence, our foundation story revolves around a lawyer approached by street children seeking his help to persuade an American man to provide them with money for their day’s food. The big vision of our founder has seen us grow into an organization that provides rescue and protection, rehabilitation, family reunification, education, and vocational skilling for children living on the streets.

Ssempewo Edward, our esteemed founder is a prominent lawyer and an advocate with all courts of judicature in Uganda. The genesis of our organization traces back to an encounter involving three older street children and an American man named Wagner Glenn, now a patron of our cause.

Edward Ssempewo

Edward Ssempewo

When the children solicited funds from Glenn, he rebuffed them, expressing mistrust. In response, one of the children boldly retorted, "You may not trust us, but we have a lawyer!" Intrigued by this claim, Glenn returned, expressing his desire to meet the purported lawyer.

The subsequent day found the three unkempt children in the lawyer's office, fervently urging him to meet Glenn. Having encountered these street children previously at their local church, where he served as a youth leader, the lawyer initially harbored hesitations and considered dismissing their plea. However, prompted by a colleague's reminder that "lawyers engage with all kinds of individuals," he reluctantly agreed to hear their stories.

As the children recounted their distressing experiences, the lawyer's interaction with Glenn assumed newfound significance. Glenn posed a pivotal question: "Do you have a vision for street children?" This inquiry marked the inception of this organization.

Today, we take pride in our service to 250 children annually rescued by law enforcement, probation officers, and local authorities from the streets of Kampala and its metropolitan area. Our endeavors center on their protection, rehabilitation, family reunification, education, and vocational training. Through the unwavering dedication of Ssempewo Edward and his leadership as the Executive Secretary, our beneficiaries now reside in safe environments, enjoying good health, reunited with their families, pursuing education, or equipped with vocational skills. They transition into adulthood with independence, realizing our cherished dream of emancipation and substantially reducing the number of street children in the Kampala metropolitan area.

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