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Our Key Programs

Benefits of Rescue Mission for Street Life

WE Bring More Meaning to Childrens' Life & Family

Our programs have been accepted and supported both locally and internationally by UNODC, UNWG, AHF, KBFUS etc.

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Rescue and Protection of homeless children

We rescue children off the streets and provide them with protection and safety at Covenant Youth Home (our government approved home). We do this by sending out our outreach team to areas where street children usually congregate, identify and develop a rapport with them, share our programs and those who are willing are rescued. We also get street children through referrals from police, probation and social welfare officers, community members and HIV/AIDS support providers who find themselves with HIV+ street children.


Rehabilitation and Support

On entry at our Home the children are provided with medical screening and treatment, psychological counselling, legal support, tutorial classes, hands on training, sponsorship for their formal education or vocational training, talent and life skills cultivation and behavioral modification for their rehabilitation and support. These programs are well scheduled whereby children begin their day with physical exercise, do personal care (washing, bathing etc.), take their dietary breakfast, after which those who go to school or vocational training set off.

Those who remain attend to our various staff for departmental activities including individual counselling, medical care, tutorial classes, hands on training, and after lunch group sessions are held (gratitude circle, social talk, health talk, parliament and fellowship) and in the evening, we do our games (football, volleyball, chess, music, dance and drama). We use an incentive-based behavioral modification program to promote good behaviors: points are rewarded for good behaviors and we discredit points for bad behaviors. These points are paid up into cash by the warden for the children to buy their (staff approved) extra needs or to take with on their family reunification.

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