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Our Key Programs

Benefits of Rescue Mission for Street Life

WE Bring More Meaning to Childrens' Life & Family

Our programs have been accepted and supported both locally and internationally by UNODC, UNWG, AHF, KBFUS etc.

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Fighting Human trafficking

We fight human trafficking of children living on the streets through identification of victims, rescue them to our approved home, rehabilitate and support them to return to their families. We also extract evidence while working on the victims against the traffickers and our lawyers institute criminal proceedings against the perpetrators/ traffickers.


HIV/AIDS prevention and Treatment

On entry to the shelter, medical/health screening and examination is done, including STI testing, HIV counselling and testing (upon consent); beneficiaries who test HIV+ are linked to an HIV care provider and supported to adhere to treatment; medical care is obtained when needed, and then monitored at our in-house clinic. Although we encourage abstinence, we provide free condoms to those who are sexually active. This HIV/AIDS program extends to the families and communities of our children on their reunification.

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